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Report co-author Louise Bloom talks to Thomson Reuters Foundation

Refugee Innovation: Humanitarian Innovation that Starts with CommunitiesToday at the Humanitarian Innovation Conference, we launched the report ‘Refugee Innovation: Humanitarian Innovation that Starts with Communities’. This new report, funded by the World Humanitarian Summit, demonstrates how refugees are finding ingenious and creative solutions to the problems they face, and drawing on whatever resources they have to hand to adapt to difficult and different circumstances. However, this ingenuity is often overlooked by humanitarian agencies.

Dr Louise Bloom, co-author of the report, spoke to Thomson Reuters Foundation about the report’s findings, stating that "There is a global refugee crisis and creative solutions are needed now more than ever. But aid agencies rarely look at what refugees are doing to help themselves…. The report has major implications for aid agencies who should be giving refugees far more help to set up businesses and find their own solutions."

Read the full article 'Harness the ingenuity of refugees, aid agencies told' >>

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