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Dr Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Dr Susie Snyder and Dr Jennifer B Saunders will edit the new multidisciplinary book series to be published by Palgrave Macmillan

A temporary mosque in the form of hanging sheets in the Stadion Maguwoharjo IDP camp, Yogyakarta, Indonesia © Lindsay Stark
A temporary mosque in the form of hanging sheets in the Stadion Maguwoharjo IDP camp, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

As the first series of its kind, Religion and Global Migrations will examine the phenomenon of religion and different forms of forced and voluntary migration from multiple disciplinary perspectives, from various global locations, and from a range of religious traditions. The series editors are interested in full-length monographs, edited volumes and shorter 'Pivot' volumes, that explore the intersections of religion and migration from a variety of approaches, including studies of:

  • Shifting religious practices and ideas in sending and receiving communities, among (forced) migrants and also among those who interact with (forced) migrants in places of origin and destination;
  • Public responses to (forced) migration such as religiously informed debates, policies and activism among (forced) migrants and nonmigrants alike;
  • Gender dynamics including shifts in gender roles and access to power in sending and receiving sites;
  • Identity in relation to religion and (forced) migration that may include constructive, as well as descriptive, scholarship;
  • Empire, from the ancient Mediterranean through the height of European colonisation to contemporary relationships between the developing and developed world, and the way it has profoundly affected the movement and displacement of people and the development of religions.

Download the info sheet... (PDF 609KB)
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