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Listen to the podcast of the 13 February book launch, hosted by the Oxford Department of International Development in association with COMPAS, the Refugee Studies Centre, the Faculty of Law, and Oxford University Press

Migrants at Work: Vulnerability in Immigration and Labour Law is edited by Professor Cathryn Costello (RSC) and Emeritus Professor Mark Freedland (University of Oxford) and was published by Oxford University Press in 2014.

From the OUP website:

There is a highly significant and under-considered intersection and interaction between migration law and labour law. Labour lawyers have tended to regard migration law as generally speaking outside their purview, and migration lawyers have somewhat similarly tended to neglect labour law. The culmination of a collaborative project on 'Migrants at Work' funded by the John Fell Fund, the Society of Legal Scholars, and the Research Centre at St John's College, Oxford, this volume brings together distinguished legal and migration scholars to examine the impact of migration law on labour rights and how the regulation of migration increasingly impacts upon employment and labour relations.

Examining and clarifying the interactions between migration, migration law, and labour law, contributors to the volume identify the many ways that migration law, as currently designed, divides the objectives of labour law, privileging concerns about the labour supply and demand over worker-protective concerns. In addition, migration law creates particular forms of status, which affect employment relations, thereby dividing the subjects of labour law. 

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Event programme

Welcome from the Editors and the Dean of the Faculty of Law
Professor Hugh Collins

Migration Law on the Labour Law Curriculum
Professor ACL Davies (University of Oxford)

‘Modern Slavery’ and Migrant Workers: Panacea or Panopticon? 
Professor Julia O’Connell-Davidson (University of Nottingham) 
Dr Virginia Mantouvalou (UCL)
Professor Bernard Ryan (University of Leicester)
Professor Bridget Anderson (COMPAS)

Illegality after Hounga: On Firewalls and other Fantasies?
Professor Cathryn Costello (RSC)
Professor Alan Bogg (University of Oxford)

Developing the 'Migrants at Work' Research Agenda

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