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In an article reporting on British aid workers in Syria being stripped of their citizenship by the UK government, Middle East Eye spoke with Professor Matthew Gibney, RSC Director.

“It is true that they have certainly become a lot more willing to strip citizenship and to deprive people of passports,” Gibney says, regarding the UK government.

Concerning the number of people affected, he states, “If you want a safer figure on deprivation I’d say we are looking at about 45 to 50 since about 2011.”

He continues, “The standard is that the home secretary, without any kind of court decision beforehand, adjudges that your holding citizenship is not conducive to the public good.

"That is an incredibly broad standard, and it marks the UK out among western countries as the country where citizenship is, for large numbers of people, the least secure.”

Read the full article, 'British aid workers in Syria stripped of citizenship', here >>

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