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An article on SciDev.Net looks at a forthcoming report from the Humanitarian Innovation Project (HIP) presented at the recent Humanitarian Innovation Conference

The article, 'Call to bring refugee innovation into humanitarian work', focuses on a forthcoming report by HIP for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), as well as their recent publication, Refugee Economies: Rethinking Popular Assumptions. 

Quoted extensively in the article, Louise Bloom says: '[refugees] have their own skills and capacities and existing systems of innovations, and that that’s really under-represented and not well understood in the international [development] sector.'

She adds: 'Our research challenges the common assumptions in the way refugees are seen internationally and also therefore in the way they are treated...Existing capacities need to be built on rather than contradicted or ignored...If refugees are given some freedom of movement then they are able to do a lot of things that are kind of unexpected, perhaps, and thrive and be an economic benefit.'

Read the full article >>

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