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Listen to the podcast of the 23 November seminar, part the Michaelmas term 2016 Public Seminar Series

RSC Public Seminar Series, Michaelmas term

Emergency Shelter and Forced Migration

Series convened by Tom Scott-Smith and Mark E. Breeze

This interdisciplinary seminar series examines the nature and challenges of emergency shelter in the context of forced migration. What are the key issues in the design and provision of shelters? What does better shelter mean and how can we get there? How can political dynamics be managed in the organization of camps and urban areas? What lessons emerge from over forty years practical work in the shelter sector? The speakers in this series include academics and practitioners from the fields of architecture, planning, anthropology, humanitarianism, and design.

The seminar series complements the forthcoming issue of Forced Migration Review on Shelter in Displacement, to be published in 2017.

About the speaker

Tom Newby was appointed Head of Humanitarian at CARE International UK in 2016. He previously led CARE International’s Emergency Shelter Team, which is based at CARE International UK, since December 2013. He is a chartered structural engineer with significant private sector experience in the UK and USA, and worked in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake, managing shelter programmes for two different organisations. He has been a trustee of Engineers Without Borders UK for many years and led the organisation early in its history.