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Listen to the podcast of the seminar which took place on 26 November, part of the RSC Michaelmas term 2014 Public Seminar Series


Katy Long is Lecturer in International Development at the University of Edinburgh, where her work focuses on migration and refugee issues. In addition, she researches the sale of citizenship in both legal and black market contexts at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University. She is also a former RSC Research Associate and post-doctoral fellow. 

Dr Long received her doctorate from Cambridge in 2009, and afterwards worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Refugee Studies Centre in Oxford and as a lecturer at the London School of Economics, before joining the department in September 2013. She has also worked extensively with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees on a number of projects, including investigating the role migration could play in solving refugee crises, the use of voluntary repatriation and refugees' political participation, and emergency responses to border closures.

To date, her research has looked in particular at refugee movements and international "solutions" to forced migration crises. Most recently, her fieldwork has focused on migrations from and crises in the East, Horn and Great Lakes regions of Africa, but she's also worked in Guatemala and Mexico and is increasingly interested in understanding immigration policy here in the West.


Katy Long (University of Edinburgh and Stanford UniversityExternal

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