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Refugees Deeply cites HIP in new ‘Experts to Watch’ series

Yesterday, Refugees Deeply started a new ‘Experts to Watch’ series by listing five organisations or projects that are at the forefront in rethinking refugee assistance. These five, they argue, are “spearheading innovative, long-term solutions that approach refugees and migration as a multilinked phenomenon, rather than a ‘crisis’.”

Second in the list is the Humanitarian Innovation Project (HIP), led by Professor Alexander Betts. Authors Eline Gordts and Preethi Nallu state that HIP “has gained a reputation for groundbreaking research that cuts across disciplines and reaches out to unconventional players in refugee assistance, like businesses and the military.”

The four other ‘Experts to Watch’ listed are the Ikea Foundation, Techrefugees, MIT D-Lab, and CatalyticAction.

Read the full article here >>

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