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Events held with refugee communities and stakeholders from over 20 institutions

Dr Naohiko Omata and Dr Josiah Kaplan of the Humanitarian Innovation Project recently returned from two weeks in Uganda launching HIP's report on 'Refugee Economies: Rethinking Popular Assumptions' and a special issue of Forced Migration Review on 'Innovation & Refugees'. Dr Omata and Dr Kaplan, along with former HIP research assistants, spent time visiting refugee communities in Nakivale and Kampala to share the research findings from the report and to solicit feedback.

The communities welcomed the opportunity for engagement. HIP's refugee research assistants stated that interest in the report was high, with many community members requesting copies. Community members said they greatly appreciated the return of HIP's researchers for the launch events and broader dissemination of the report, seeing these as an important opportunity to understand the full value and impact of their participation in the research.

The trip culminated in a final launch event at UNHCR Uganda headquarters in Kampala, where key findings on refugee livelihoods in Uganda were shared with officials and staff from over 20 institutions, including the Ugandan government, UK DFID, US Embassy, IOM, WFP, FAO and many UNHCR implementing partners.


Read more in the HIP blog >>>

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