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Available online free of charge

The latest issue of FMR explores the ideas and practices that are being tried out in order to engage both development and humanitarian work in support of ‘transitions’ for displaced people and a variety of ‘solutions’. What we need, says one author, is “full global recognition that the challenge of forced displacement is an integral part of the development agenda too”.

FMR issue 52 includes 32 articles on ‘Thinking ahead: displacement, transition, solutions’, plus 10 ‘general’ articles on other aspects of forced migration.  

The issue will be available in print and online in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. FMR is free of charge in print and online. Read it in full here >>

The issue includes two articles by RSC researchers:

A new approach to old problems: the Solutions Alliance

Alexander Betts

Forgotten people: former Liberian refugees in Ghana

Naohiko Omata

One by a current RSC DPhil student:

Refugee-run organisations as partners in development

Evan Easton-Calabria (current Doctoral student, ODID)

and one by a recent MSc student:

Causes and consequences of Canada’s resettlement of Syrian refugees

Anne-Marie Bélanger McMurdo (MSc student 2014-15,ODID)