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© Caroline Muturi
Community members wait for the water supply to start flowing (Western Uganda)

FMR 67 coverThe latest issue of Forced Migration Review (FMR) is now online, comprising two features. In the main feature on Public health and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), authors discuss challenges, responses and innovations across a wide range of public health settings, and identify learning which could help to inform and improve future public health work with forced migrants. In the second feature, authors explore the status of protection in non-signatory States, examining in particular the role of UNHCR, civil society and legal actors in facilitating access to protection for refugees and asylum seekers. This feature includes an article by former RSC Research Fellow Georgia Cole.

This issue is available in two formats: a 68-page magazine and a 6-page Editors’ briefing, both online at It will also be available in Arabic, French and Spanish. FMR is Open Access and free of charge.

Meanwhile, visit the Forthcoming page for details of forthcoming themes on Externalisation, Climate crisis and displacement – from commitment to action, and Localisation of knowledge production.