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FMR 69 issue cover: Badsha Mia, a member of a community-based Ward Disaster Management Committee, is on the accessible rescue boat in a Search and Rescue operation, finding others to evacuate to safety. Bangladesh.

FMR 69, Climate crisisThe latest issue of Forced Migration Review, which includes a feature on Climate crisis and displacement: from commitment to action, is now online.

The new issue examines how high-level policy commitments can be translated into concrete action in order to address the impacts of the climate crisis on human mobility.

The issue also includes three articles on other topics: women, peace and security in displacement; cash transfers in Turkey; and asylum accommodation in the UK.

This issue is available in two formats: a magazine and an Editors’ briefing, both online at The Arabic, French and Spanish editions will be published in May. FMR is Open Access and free of charge. For print copies, please email

We are grateful to the following donors for supporting FMR 69: German Federal Foreign Office, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, with the support of the European Union under the Pacific Response to Disaster Displacement project, International Organization for Migration, Platform on Disaster Displacement, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, UNHCR Office of the Special Advisor on Climate Action and the Division of International Protection. Thanks also to all our core donors.