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A field leading to a tall border fence © Josoor
The Greek border fence near the Kastanies/Pazarkule land border crossing between Turkey and Greece was reinforced and extended in 2021

FMR 68: Externalisation / Mobility and agency in protracted displacement

FMR 68 issue cover with a field leading to a border fence between Greece and TurkeyThe latest issue of Forced Migration Review, now online, includes two features. In the main feature on Externalisation, authors examine the consequences for protection when States increasingly take action beyond their own borders to prevent the arrival of refugees and asylum seekers. A second feature focuses on Mobility and agency for those living in protracted displacement, produced in collaboration with the TRAFIG research project.

This issue is available in two formats: a 68-page magazine and a 6-page Editors’ briefing, both online at Some of the articles will also be available in Arabic, French and Spanish. FMR is Open Access and free of charge. For print copies, please email

We are grateful to the following for supporting FMR 68: EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, grant no 822453; Ryerson University, Toronto; Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. Thanks also to all our core donors.