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Professor Cathryn Costello has written a blog with Professor Elspeth Guild (Jean Monnet Professor ad personam at Queen Mary, University of London) as part of a joint online symposium on Holding the Political Commission Accountable by Verfassungsblog and the Hertie School of Government Leviathan Project. In their blog ‘Fixing the refugee crisis: holding the Commission accountable’, Costello and Guild argue that “the Commission’s weakness during the refugee crisis meant it underperformed not only when measured against the aim of being more ‘political’ (in particular if this means correctly identifying and dealing with the sources of real political problems), but even if we envisage for it a more modest technocratic role.” They assess the Commission’s role across four dimensions – “as policy innovator; technical coordinator; guardian of EU legality and strategic intervener in EU litigation” – and find its actions “underwhelming” on all four.

Read the blog here:

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