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We are delighted to announce that Dr Evan Easton-Calabria, Early Career Fellow at the RSC, has been appointed as the Wadham College Social Sciences Junior Research Fellow (non-stipendiary). In Michaelmas term, she will take up her JRF position as PI of a new RSC research project ‘Local Actors in Secondary Cities: Responses to crisis migration in Uganda and Ethiopia’.

Evan is a researcher on the Rethinking Refuge project. Prior to this (until December 2018) she worked on the Refugee Economies Programme's research project on refugees’ bottom-up social protection. Her work with refugees began in Kampala, Uganda, in 2011 and has led her to research historical and contemporary refugee self-reliance assistance. While living in Uganda, she co-founded a grassroots organisation with refugees in Kampala that provides livelihoods training and support to urban refugees. This ongoing work has provided her with an invaluable insider lens on refugee-led initiatives. She recently completed her DPhil in International Development, tracing the changes and continuities of refugee self-reliance assistance and refugees’ involvement with development since the 1920s.

Wadham College was founded in 1610 by Nicholas and Dorothy Wadham. It is one of the largest colleges of the University of Oxford, with up to 200 graduate students and some 450 undergraduates.

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