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New blog on the unjust and unethical nature of EU law on migrants and refugees

In a new blog published by Verfassungsblog, Cathryn Costello confronts the injustices of EU law for migrants and refugees, particularly "the gamut of practices that are carried out under the guise of managing migration". For example, she highlights the injustices inherent in the creation of ‘migration status hierarchies’ where "migration law sets up statuses that determine the rights of migrants not only as regards their entry and duration of residence, but also in the workplace and in family life". Regarding the detention of migrants and asylum-seekers, she highlights that "Migrants may find themselves in detention without any of the protections that would be afforded to criminals."

She concludes the blog with the following relating to the current Mediterranean crisis:

“By enlisting transport companies in migration control, and denying visas to refugees, the EU is complicit in the grotesque scenes in the Mediterranean Sea: Those fleeing cannot board regular flights and ferries, for lack of visas and as carriers face sanctions if they allow them to board. A regular ferry from North Africa to Italy costs around £50. Instead, the most desperate have recourse to smugglers and spend thousands. We are willing to spend billions on rescue at sea, but not provide safe means of access to refugees. The EU’s own Fundamental Rights Agency has published data on the lack of safe access to the EU for those seeking refuge. Those most in need, including those whose needs we would recognize by offering asylum, risk their lives to reach the relatively safety of the EU.

    Unjust? Unethical? Indecent? Cruel? All of these, surely.”

Read the full blog here >>

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