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Dr Omata visits the University of Oxford Japan Office and speaks to Nikkei and Toyokeizai

Dr Naohiko Omata has recently returned from a trip to his native Japan where he gave a presentation to a packed house at the University of Oxford Japan Office. The varied audience represented businesses, foundations, universities, media, NGOs and Oxford alumni. Dr Omata’s presentation focused on his research on ‘refugee economies’, particularly in Uganda, but also in Jordan and the US. His research challenges a number of myths that are commonly held about refugees, such as that they are an economic burden to their host communities. There was a long queue of people both after the presentation and at the reception wanting to talk to him in person.

Whilst in Japan, Dr Omata also gave an online presentation for the Nikkei newspaper and spoke to Toyokeizai about the current refugee crisis and his work on refugee economies.

Nikkei video available here (Japanese) >>

Toyokeizai article available here (Japanese) >>

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