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Cynthia Orchard speaks to the Middle East Eye about how Europe can help to alleviate the crisis in the Mediterranean

The article, entitled 'Migrant tragedies: Mourning the death of Mahmoud Fathy Younis', tells the stories of families in Egypt and the Gaza Strip who have been left grieving after their loved ones died trying to cross the Mediterranean. Mahmoud Fathy Younis was one of 500 migrants and asylum seekers who died, when, according to survivors interviewed by the International Organization for Migration, their boat was rammed by smugglers off the coast of Malta on 10 September. 

Cynthia Orchard, co-author of the recent RSC Policy Briefing 'Protection in Europe for refugees from Syria', says that Europe could help to reduce the number of these tragedies by expanding legal routes of entry: 

Countries should consider all the ways possible to bring refugees into Europe through safe and legal routes, rather than allowing them to risk their lives in unsafe and illegal journeys.

Read the article>>

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