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Edited by Professor Cathryn Costello (RSC) and Dr Itamar Mann (University of Haifa), the latest issue of the German Law Journal focuses on ‘Border Justice: Migration and Accountability for Human Rights Violations’. This issue, Costello and Mann write, was prompted by concerns that “accountability for human rights violations in the context of migration control is often insufficient, or lacking entirely” and that “the mechanisms that may provide such accountability are poorly understood.” It follows a workshop hosted by the RSC in November 2018 and supported by the RefMig ERC project, which is led by Professor Costello.

Papers cover topics such as how the prohibition of refoulement is interpreted by United Nations Treaty Bodies in decision-making; holding the European Asylum Support Office accountable for its role in asylum decision-making; accountability in privatized migration control; a topographical approach to accountability in migration controls; challenges to Australia’s offshore detention regime; and the right to perform rescue at sea.

The open access issue is available online here