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Photo of Barbara Harrell-Bond and her young friend by Fran Monks, for the Oxford Festival of the Arts.

The Gratitude Project is a series of images made by photographer Fran Monks, which celebrates the contributions made to our society by immigrants. British-born people around Oxford were asked to nominate friends, colleagues, neighbours and associates who were not born in Britain and to whom they would like to say “thank you”.

One of those being thanked is Dr Barbara Harrell-Bond, USA-born founder of the Refugee Studies Centre, to whom a young girl says “Thank you for helping me escape FGM in Nigeria.”

The Gratitude Project exhibition takes place at Frideswide Square, 1 June - 31 August. This exhibition presents a major new photographic series commissioned from Fran Monks as part of Oxford Festival of the Arts 2017. The Gratitude Project explores our ideas about immigration and illuminates the important, varied roles played by Oxford’s international residents in the city and its community.

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