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Anne Irfan

We are pleased to announce that Dr Anne Irfan has won the Alixa Naff Article Prize for her article Educating Palestinian refugees, published in the Journal of Refugee Studies.

Awarded by the Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies (at NC State University), the Alixa Naff Prize in Migration Studies recognizes outstanding scholarly studies from any discipline focusing on Middle East migration, refugees and diasporas. Usually two prizes are given annually. The first prize is awarded to one or more established scholars. The second prize is awarded to one or more graduate students. This year the selection committee awarded four different prizes: one for a book by a scholar, two for papers by scholars, and one for the best graduate student paper 

The selection committee commented that Irfan’s article presents “A clear, cogent, deeply-researched reconstruction of UN education for Palestinians, and the ways the latter influenced its approach.” The committee found the power of the article to reside in its eloquence, analytical richness, and in seriously exploring the subjectivities of Palestinian refugees.

The Alixa Naff Article Prize was also awarded to Dr Samuel Dolbee of Harvard University.

Earlier this year, Dr Irfan won the Contemporary Levant Best Paper Award for her paper ‘Petitioning for Palestine: Refugee appeals to international authorities.’