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Dr Alexander Betts has been selected for the thematic team, which will meet regularly as part of the consultations process for the World Humanitarian Summit

Alexander Betts, Associate Professor of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies
Alexander Betts, Associate Professor of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

The World Humanitarian Summit, taking place in Istanbul in 2016, is an initiative by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to improve humanitarian action. Through the two-year consultation process, the aim is to build a more inclusive and diverse humanitarian system by bringing all key stakeholders together to share best practices and find innovative ways to make humanitarian action more effective. 

Dr Betts, Director of the Humanitarian Innovation Project, will be part of a discussion theme on 'Tranformation through Innovation'. According to the organisers, this theme will 'address the obstacles or challenges that may be hindering the international humanitarian system’s ability to continually and strategically adapt and improve itself. The consultations will consider how to promote innovation in ethical, equitable and secure ways, and based on the needs of the people involved. This will require exploring new technologies and partners to identify new tools, products and services.' The first meeting is due to take place on Tuesday 3 June.

Visit the World Humanitarian Summit website to view all discussions, resources and events from the team.

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