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about the speaker

Bruno Codispoti holds an MBA from St. John’s University, Italy, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management from Roma Tre University, Italy.

He has worked in collaboration with the Italian Council for Refugees since 2012, assisting migrants in Rome and Calais, and has previously worked in the financial services sector as a project and marketing manager.

Bruno has extensive experience in supporting decision-making through the research and analysis of the main characteristics of individuals and their context of reference, and is currently developing a forced migration observation system. His project entitled 'The "out of place" – people forced to move or forcibly transferred', was developed during his Master’s degree in Conflict Management and Mediation (Universities of Florence and Pisa, 2013) and aims to generate data sets to improve the understanding of forced migration.

The title of his paper is: 'The "out of place" – people forced to move or forcibly transferred'.


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