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Increasing local and forcibly displaced researchers in Refugee & Forced Migration Studies research

People shopping in Kakuma refugee camp © Capital Juba Studio
Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, a focus of much research on refugees

The #ByRefugees Newsletter aims to increase the number of local and forcibly displaced researchers in Refugee & Forced Migration Studies research. It is used to share information on relevant research, events, and opportunities for those affected by and researching displacement. Subscribers will receive a monthly email with relevant events and opportunities which have been sent to the mailing list.

This initiative is based on events held by the Refugee Studies Centre (University of Oxford), Global Refugee-Led Network, and Global Academic Interdisciplinary Network (GAIN) of the Global Compact on Refugees, in order to continue to engage in the topic of refugee- and locally-led research and practice. It also links with a seminar series being held by the Refugee Studies Centre in Spring/Summer 2021 on 'localising' refugee research (details below).

Join this list if you are an academic or researcher anywhere in the world who has an interest in increasing the inclusion of refugees, displaced persons, and affected community members within academic discourse and research projects. If you do not have research experience but are interested in gaining it, and also have personal experience with forced displacement or live in an area affected by forced displacement, you are also welcome to join this list.

How to Join

Subscribe to the newsletter here. The newsletter is run through JISCMail.

Once a month you will receive an email listing the relevant opportunities which have been shared with us.

How to Share Opportunities

Send an email to with details of the research opportunity/event/publication or other relevant information you wish to share.

Please use this list to:

  • Promote opportunities for refugee- and locally-led research
  • Promote calls for panellists or papers for relevant events
  • Share good practice on inclusion in research
  • Share publications on this topic
  • Promote relevant events on this topic
  • Share brief ‘features’ of your relevant research project or your work as an academic or researcher (150-300 word overviews with links to relevant links to more information)

Please do not use this list to share confidential or sensitive information. List owners reserve the right to share only the information they deem appropriate and relevant to the objectives of the mailing list.


If you have any questions about this mailing list, please email Dr Evan Easton-Calabria (Senior Research Officer, Refugee Studies Centre) at

RSC Public Seminar Series Trinity term 2021

‘Localising’ Refugee Research: Raising the profile on local researchers and the localisation agenda

Convener: Dr Evan Easton-Calabria

Dates: TBC in Trinity term (May-June) 2021, via Zoom

This public seminar series aims to examine research on refugees and forced migration within the broader localisation agenda. It will also consider methodological attempts to ‘localise’ refugee research through co-conducting research with refugees and local hosts, including working with and training peer researchers. Through a blend of practically-, methodologically-, and theoretically-focused seminars, this series aims to present current research designs and methodologies involving refugee and local researchers, and the challenges and opportunities that lie therein, as well as theoretical work reflecting on issues of ethics and power in the humanitarian and development localisation agenda as it relates to refugees. Alongside these foci will be ongoing discussions on the relationship between advocacy and scholarship, and the extent to which both can and should be met together.

#ByRefugees Public Seminar Series, Trinity term 2020

The RSC seminar series on #ByRefugees: Strengthening refugee-led humanitarian response during the COVID-19 pandemic took place in Trinity term 2020 (May-June). Watch the series on YouTube.