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The RSC manages and supports a number of publications and series:

Forced Migration Review

Forced Migration ReviewForced Migration Review (FMR) is the most widely read publication on forced migration – available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic, and free of charge in print and online. It is published by the Refugee Studies Centre in the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Through FMR, authors from around the world analyse the causes and impacts of displacement; debate policies and programmes; share research findings; reflect the lived experience of displacement; and present examples of good practice and recommendations for policy and action.

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Journal of Refugee Studies


The Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS) provides a forum for exploration of the complex issue of forced migration and local, national, regional and international responses. The Journal publishes original, high-quality research and covers all categories of forcibly displaced people. Contributions that develop theoretical understandings of forced migration, or deepen knowledge of concepts, policies, practice and experiences of displacement are welcomed, as well as submissions that advance methodological debates and new approaches to researching forced migration. The Journal of Refugee Studies is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, and is published in association with the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford.


Volumes 1–6: Roger Zetter, Founding Editor (1988–1993)

Volumes 7–13: Roger Zetter and Richard Black (1994–2001)

Volumes 14–22: Richard Black and Joanne van Selm (2001–2009)

Volumes 23–24: Joanne van Selm and Khalid Koser (2010–2011)

Volume 25–33: Khalid Koser (2012–2020)

Volume 34–present: Simon Turner and Megan Bradley (2020–)

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Research In Brief Series

The RSC’s Research in Brief series was launched in 2015 to make our academic research easily accessible to policymakers, practitioners, and the general public. These briefs present concise, engaging and visually appealing summaries of research, with key points and, where appropriate, practical recommendations for policy.

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Working Paper Series

This series is intended to aid the rapid distribution of work in progress, research findings and special lectures by researchers and associates of the RSC. Papers aim to stimulate discussion among the worldwide community of scholars, policymakers and practitioners.

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Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration


The Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration (OxMo) is an independent, student run publication, supported by the RSC, that moves to engage with various aspects of forced migration through academic scholarship. OxMo is dedicated to protecting and advancing human rights of individuals who have been forcibly displaced. By monitoring political, legal and practical developments, we seek to draw attention to the plight of forced migrants, identify gaps within existing international and national protection regimes and engage with the many practical and conceptual concerns which perpetuate displacement.


Studies in Forced Migration


This Studies in Forced Migration book series is published by Berghahn Books, in association with the Refugees Studies Centre. The series reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the field and includes within its scope international law, anthropology, sociology, politics, international relations, geopolitics, social psychology and economics.