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Re-examining refugee protection through a lens of mobility and migration

Roszke border fence hungary serbia UNHCR / Zsolt Balla
View of Röszke makeshift refugee camp from the Hungarian side of the Serbia-Hungary border, 2016

This project has two principal aims, the first being to re-examine refugee protection through a lens of mobility and migration, and secondly, to bring scholarship on refugee law into conversation with the practices of the refugee regime, in particular to subject the latter to legal scrutiny. It will re-examine three key aspects of refugee law – access to protection, refugee status determination (RSD), and refugee rights – and bring them into conversation with the refugee regime’s norms and practices on responsibility-sharing and solutions.

Crucially, the project takes a long and broad view of the refugee regime, in order to open up new possibilities and trajectories. It also brings critical new insights into the regime, by undertaking a legal assessment of the role of non-state actors. In particular, it will provide an important and timely legal assessment of the role of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). It examines EU law and practice, as an actor in the global refugee regime, engaging not only with asylum-seekers and refugees on its territory, but via cooperation with transit and host states. It will also examine law and practice in Turkey, Lebanon, Kenya and South Africa.

Our team

  • Cathryn Costello
    Cathryn Costello

    Andrew W Mellon Associate Professor of International Human Rights and Refugee Law

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