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Temesgen Gebrehiwet

Temesgen Gebrehiwet

Teaching Assistant, Lusaka

Temesgen works with the RLRH to support the development of graduate access programmes for students who have been affected by forced migration. He is also involved in supporting the development of academic partnerships for RLRH.

Temesgen is a former refugee who studied a Bachelor of Laws degree at Zambian Open University in Lusaka. He completed a thesis on the evaluation of patent law in promoting development in Zambia. He is a human rights advocate and works with several Eritrean CSOs, including Eritrean Movement for Democracy & Human Rights. He advocates for good governance in Eritrea, refugee protection, and for the release of Eritrean political prisoners.

He is passionate about democratisation and the possibilities that it creates for Eritreans and the world. Temesgen is interested in applying international law to understand remedies that can be sought by refugees who are victims of belligerent states and non-state actors. In his spare time, he plays football and volunteers for TEDx Lusaka as part of their curating team.