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Saija Niemi

Visiting Research Fellow

My name is Saija Niemi and I currently work as a migration researcher at the University of Helsinki. I have implemented research, taught and supervised students mainly in geography in the Faculty of Science and in development studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences. My master’s thesis concentrated on Mexico–US migration. In my doctoral research, I developed a new migration theory – Theory of Control Tuning – which is grounded in migration-related experiences of urban-, camp- and rural-based migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons, authorities and local residents. The data for my doctoral research, which I collected in Finland, Egypt, Uganda and Sudan, was mainly on South Sudanese migration. My postdoctoral research projects include aspects of urban sustainability among diasporas, boundaries and local knowledge in various geographical areas. My research interests include migration (in all its diversity), islanders in urban settings, researcher trauma, the methodology of grounded theory, multi- and interdisciplinary research, and qualitative methods. I have served as a migration advisor and expert several times and I am a member of associations, societies and institutes such as the Royal Geographical Society and the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science. I acted as a visiting research fellow in the American University in Cairo in 2005–2006 and I have worked in connection to various places in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, North America, Oceania and Europe. I have led and participated in projects in and outside the academia in Finland and elsewhere. In addition to working in research, I have also worked in, for example, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the IOM and in doctoral education at the University of Helsinki.

Academic contact: Roger Zetter