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Ruth Nyabuto

Ruth Nyabuto

Academic Manager, Oxford

Ruth is the Academic Facilitator for the RSC-BIEA Fellowship. She oversees the overall academic activities of the fellowship as well as additional programmes for other learners participating in RLRH’s academic activities.

Ruth received her MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (2019) and MSc African Studies (2020), both from the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar (2018). For her graduate studies she focused on the role of the media in the criminalisation and racialisation of black migrant youth in Australia and the concept of ‘the good life’ in encampment, respectively. She has a BA in International Relations-Diplomacy from United States International University-Africa. In 2020, she was selected as a Rare Rising Star – one of UK’s top ten black university students for her community project on streetlife and the youth in Nairobi, Kenya and her academic achievements. Most recently, she worked as a research assistant for the LOCACONS project by King's College London where she researched conflict prevention and low-carbon development in Kakuma Refugee Camp. Her research interests include the intersections between forced displacement, memory, and psychosocial well-being.