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Nicole Stybnarova

MPhil, LLM

Departmental Lecturer in Jurisprudence, International Law and Forced Migration

Nicole Stybnarova is a Departmental Lecturer in Human Rights, Refugee Law and International Public Law at the Refugee Studies Centre. She is simultaneously affiliated at Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights (Law Faculty), University of Helsinki, as a Doctoral Researcher since 2018. She holds an MPhil (Law) from the University of Oxford and LLM from Charles University in Prague. Her research interests include Migration Law, Private International Law, Human Rights and Critical Social Theory. In her publications she addresses law and international human rights as instruments of power and social stratification, through feminist, Marxist and post-colonial theories.

Her publications can be accessed at:

Nicole has been a visiting fellow in University College London (2021), Copenhagen Business School (2021), Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology (2019), University of Copenhagen (2019); and is planning research visits at Max Planck Institute of Comparative and Private International Law (2023), Queen Mary University London (2023) and Harvard Law School (IGLP) (2024). She has participated in IGLP Global Scholars Academy (2022), SDI 2021 (Sciences-Po) and 2021 Leicester Law School PGR (prize for Most Commendable Paper).

She has taken part in several international research projects: CUREDI (MPI, National Correspondent), NOS-HS funded 'Transnational Childhoods' (Co-convenor), NOS-HS funded CONNOR (Constitutionalism in the Nordics, Co-convenor).