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Mohammed Abdella

Mohammed Abdella

Teaching Assistant, Gothenburg

Mohammed is a lawyer with a particular interest in refugee and forced migration issues.. He serves as a Teaching Assistant with the RLRH for the online course, supporting coordination, management, and academic delivery of the content. Simultaneously, he is completing the RSC-BIEA Fellowship. Mohammed studied law at Haramaya University in Oromia, Ethiopia, where he graduated with an LLB degree with distinction. He initially worked as a district court judge in his home country. After fleeing Ethiopia, he worked as a Senior Psychosocial Worker at Psychosocial Services Training Institute in Cairo, Egypt. There, he advocated for refugees' rights to access healthcare, protection, and housing. He also worked as a Community Outreach Legal Officer at St. Andrew's Refugee Services (StARS) where he trained refugee community-based organisations to provide legal services.

His research interests revolve around refugees’ access to legal aid services, protection against refoulement, and local integration of refugees. In his free time, Mohammed loves to  engage in social media activism to raise awareness about the human rights situation in his country of origin.