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Louise Bloom


Research Associate

Louise has worked in the development and humanitarian sector for several years as a practitioner and more recently in academia. She has a background in industrial engineering and continues to engage with technical topics in humanitarianism.

At the start of her career Louise worked in the UK and overseas with Engineers Without Borders, Save the Children, and Oxfam. This included responding as part of international teams for Myanmar’s Cyclone Nargis and Haiti’s earthquake – working predominantly on establishing operational systems.

From 2012-2016 Louise was Research Officer with the Refugee Studies Centre’s Humanitarian Innovation Project, with a focus on the theme of innovation in refugee assistance. The research focused on the role that refugees themselves are playing in initiating and leading on new solutions to humanitarian challenges. Her research included fieldwork predominantly with refugees in Uganda, but also including time spent in Australia, India, Jordan, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, and the United States. Several academic and policy publications related to her work are available online.

Humanitarian Innovation Project Website:

Personal Website:



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Betts, A., Bloom, L., Kaplan, J. and Omata, N. (June 2014) Refugee Economies: Rethinking Popular Assumptions, Oxford: University of Oxford, Humanitarian Innovation Project.

And a series of project reports and working papers as part of the Humanitarian Innovation Project.