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Jules Gazeaud

Student Visitor

Jules Gazeaud is a PhD student in applied economics at CERDI (France), studying issues related to poverty and social protection. His PhD research focuses on the design and evaluation of poverty alleviation projects, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.

Jules collaborates with the World Bank since 2016 to conduct a randomized control trial on the effects of a nation-wide social protection program in Comoros. Between 2016 and 2018, Jules spent more than 18 months in Comoros. During this extensive field work, he gained a keen interest in illegal migration patterns, which are particularly salient in the Comoros archipelago. Part of his research is now focused on understanding the reasons that push many Comorians to risk their lives to migrate to Mayotte (the neighboring and richer French Overseas Department).

Academic contact: Dr Olivier Sterck