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Juana Canet Rosselló

Student Visitor

  • Associate professor, Architectural Design Department of the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETS Architecture)

Juana Canet Rosselló is Architect [ETSA UPM, 1999]; Master in Landscape [University of Balearic Islands, 2001] and Specialist in Development Cooperation [IChAB -ETSA UPM 2010]. She is currently a PhD candidate with her thesis: “Refugee Camps: from emergency to permanence. Atlas of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Mediterranean Area.” She was a researcher at Instituto de las Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja, CSIC participating in “Sistema de Viviendas Provisional Emergencia’s project [1998- 2001]”. She worked at Alison Brooks Architects, London [2001-2004] and in 2004 founded her office. She has received over twenty awards, including first prize for the Tsunami Victims Memorial Building, Thailand [2006]. Other awards comprise competitions of cooperation for habitability development in Colombia [2012-2015] and in refugee camps: a Marketplace in Zaatari, Jordan [2017] and Project Earth2: Cities of Tomorrow [2018]. She is a professor in the Projects Department of ETSA UPM [2017-act], with previous experience in private architectural schools [2004-2013] working in developing countries. She is actively participating in the UPM Refugee Platform since its creation in 2018, in the generation of a new Need Assessment Methodology [NAUTIA] in the digital literacy project in Saharawi refugee camps Tindouf, Algeria. She is leading a subsidised project "Methodology of evaluation of the integration of refugees in urban environments: city of Madrid".