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Jason Hart

Senior Lecturer in International Development, Dept of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath


Jason Hart is a social anthropologist by training (BA, MA, PhD University of London). He joined the University of Bath in September 2009 after seven years as a researcher and lecturer at the Refugee Studies Centre. 

Much of Jason’s work has explored the experience of young people on the margins of society and the global economy: relating these to the values, assumptions and approaches of agencies seeking to provide support. This has led to consideration of themes such as protection, child rights, peacebuilding, militarisation and asylum, seeking increasingly to integrate perspectives from anthropology and political-economy. Children living in situations of political violence and forced displacement have been a particular focus of much of his research and writing. His principal area of interest is the Middle East, particularly Israel / occupied Palestinian territories and Jordan.

Since completing his doctorate, Jason has been employed as a consultant author, researcher, evaluator and trainer by various UN and non-governmental organisations. His most recent publications include an edited volume Years of Conflict: Adolescence, Political Violence and Displacement and journal articles in Conflict, Security and DevelopmentJournal of Refugee Studies and International Journal of Children’s Rights.

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