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Eleonora Milazzo

Student Visitor

Eleonora is a PhD researcher at the European University Institute (EUI), Department of Social and Political Sciences.

Her research is situated at the intersection between EU Political Theory and the Ethics of Refugee Protection. Her PhD project seeks to define normatively acceptable and practically feasible regulatory principles for the EU asylum system. Specifically, she aims at establishing a new framework for the duties that EU member states ought to have towards each other in relation to the protection of refugees.

At the EUI Eleonora is the convenor of the Legal and Political Theory Working Group and a research assistant at the Migration Policy Centre. She is also the coordinator of the EUI Refugee Initiative, an enhanced first reception programme for six asylum seekers, managed by EUI volunteers.

Eleonora holds an MSc in Global Politics (Political Theory) with distinction from Durham University. Before that, she studied Political Science and International Relations at LUISS Guido Carli (Rome), MGIMO (Moscow), and UvA (Amsterdam). During her studies, she held research intern positions at the Global Policy Journal, Carnegie Europe, the Russian International Affairs Council, the Ecologic Institute, and the Atlantic Council.

Twitter: @eleonormilazzo


Academic contact: Professor Matthew Gibney