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Claire Raissian

Student Visitor

Claire holds an LL.M in International Human Rights Law and Public Policy and is currently a PhD researcher at the Irish Centre for Human Rights. The primary focus of her work is on developing child rights-based responses to unaccompanied children in the context of international migration. Prior to undertaking this research, Claire’s background was in business management, mental health advocacy and volunteerism for a number of charities. She served on the Board of Directors for First Fortnight, a mental health awareness charity and arts festival that aims to break down the stigma surrounding mental ill-health by starting conversations. The charity also provides art therapy for homeless individuals experiencing mental ill-health in Dublin. Working at grassroots level to effect change on social issues such as homelessness inspired a return to study, in order to better understand how economic and social rights might be implemented more effectively through policy and legislative change. In 2018, she was awarded a four-year scholarship, the NUI Travelling Studentship in International Human Rights Law. In 2019, she co-authored a report commissioned by the International Bar Association, A Child Rights Response to Child Migration and Migrant Children at Risk.