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Carrie Perkins

Visiting Study Fellow

Carrie Perkins is a cultural anthropologist, specializing in applied work with refugee communities. She holds both an MA in Anthropology from Southern Methodist University as well as an MSc in Applied Anthropology from the University of North Texas and is currently a PhD Candidate in Anthropology at SMU, focusing specifically on issues related to protracted refugee situations and the repatriation of Burmese refugees in Southeast Asia. Carrie’s previous thesis work examined food adjustment and cultural identity in resettled Burmese refugees in Dallas, Texas and she has continued to conduct refugee related research in Myanmar (Burma), Mae La refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border and Domiz refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan. Additional areas of interest include urban agriculture and community gardens, specifically in the context of refugee communities, as well as material culture and art as expressions of movement and migration.

Academic contact: Professor Alexander Betts

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