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Barbara Harrell-Bond


Emerita Professor and founding Director of the Refugee Studies Centre, 1982–1996


Dr Barbara Harrell-Bond, OBE, Emerita Professor and Associate, is a legal anthropologist who founded/directed the Refugee Studies Centre (1982-96). Previously she was conducting research in West Africa from 1967-1982, while employed by the Departments of Anthropology, University of Edinburgh & University of Illinois-Urbana,USA, the Afrika Studiecentrum, Leiden, Holland, & the Faculty of Law, University of Warwick. On retirement from the RSC, she conducted research in Kenya and Uganda (1997-2000), and was Honorary Adjunct Professor, American University in Cairo (2000-2008). Barbara is also an awardee of the Franz Boas Award for Exemplary Service to Anthropology awarded by the American Anthropologist Association, and was awarded the Lucy Mair medal for applied anthropology in 2014. She is now responsible for the information portal, that promotes legal assistance for refugees around the world. In July 2016, she was awarded an honorary doctorate at the School of African and Asican Studies (SOAS).

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