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Abbas Shiblak

Director, Palestinian Diaspora and Refugee Center (SHAML)

An academic and human rights advocate, Abbas Shiblak is a founder and the first Director of the Palestinian Refugee and Diaspora Centre (SHAML) in Ramallah. He served as a member of the Palestinian delegation to the peace talks on the ‘Working Group on Refugees’.

Abbas Shiblak is a Research Associate at the Refugee Studies Centre (RSC), University of Oxford, and has been since 1992. He is a specialist on refugee-host country relationships and international humanitarian law. For the last few years he has been working on the issue of statelessness in the Arab region where he has been kept abreast of the relevant latest legislation and developments.

Abbas' publications include: Iraqi Jews: A history (2005) Saqi Books; Statelessness among Palestinian Refugees (2003) International Development Research Centre; Palestinians in Lebanon and the PLO (1997) Journal of Refugee Studies 10 (3): 261–274; Residency status and civil rights of Palestinian refugees in Arab countries (1996) Journal of Palestine Studies XXV; and The Lure of Zion: The Case of the Iraqi Jews (1986) Saqi Books.