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About the speaker

Esra is currently reading for a DPhil in Social Anthropology under the supervision of Dr Franck Duvell and Dr Alison Shaw. Her doctoral research is on the influence of risk perception on the migratory choices of Afghan migrants in Turkey. Esra holds a BA in Archaeology and Anthropology and an MPhil in Development Studies from Oxford University. Following her MPhil she worked for the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Refugee Advocacy and Support Program in Istanbul, as coordinator on their detention and as a legal adviser. Her next post was as research officer for the Global Migration Governance Project at the Department of Politics and International Relations at Oxford University. Esra has written written a report with Dr Cathryn Costello for UNHCR titled 'Building Empirical Research into Alternatives to Detention'.


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Tel: +44 (0) 1865 281728

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